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At Kumeu Junior Rugby it is our mission to develop personal growth, leadership and respect in kids through Rugby, whilst encouraging a positive community and proud club culture!
Our Club Charter


This charter (code of conduct) outlines the basic principles and responsibility of all our members to the club.  It includes Parents, Players, Coaching Staff and Team Management. It doesn’t undertake to reduce your involvement or enjoyment but highlights our core principles that we wish to live by in order that everyone can understand the roles, the work, conduct and respect due to all participants.


1/ We enjoy the game, our great team environment that encourages and supports all players, supporters and other Rugby Clubs.


2/ The uniform must be worn with pride, socks up, jerseys tucked in. We respect our Kumeu Club, players, coaches and supporters.


3/ We respect all players, parents, coaches, referees, managers on and off the field. This is part of our responsibility to ensure that everyone has a positive and enjoyable experience of the game.


4/ We praise the efforts of both teams and all players. We rise above any disappointment together and collectively. We move on from losses and learn from our mistakes.


5/ No unsporting behaviour by any party. It will result in the person being asked to leave the grounds.


6/ Give all players and parents the opportunity to participate, learn new skills, and support each other to understand, and get better as players, leaders and people.


7/ Parents are required to, (as soon as practical) notify the Manager or Coaching Staff of any injury, sickness or issue affecting a player, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.


8/ Sideline behaviour from parents, supporters and team management should be positive and encouraging to both teams to ensure the game is played in good spirit.

Respect All, Fear None!

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