Sponsoring Junior Rugby

Rugby wouldn't be possible without the support of our sponsors.  As a member of the Kumeu Sponsors Family you know that you are supporting a team that is passionate about delivering the best rugby experience possible while ensuring that it remains accessible for all players.

For the 2020 season we have an exciting range of sponsorship opportunities available to suit all levels of commitment.  If you have any questions, or want to discuss any for of alternative sponsorship arrangement please contact us at sponsorship@kumeurugby.co.nz 

Ways that you can support the club:

Sponsorship Packages

We have a range of sponsorship packages designed to meet you budget and branding requirements. Click here to see the current options.

Individual Branding Opportunities

In addition to packages we have a selection of one-off sponsorship opportunities for things like Training Tees, Deck Signage and some more unique things like naming a Kumeu grade on the North Harbour draws for Harbour-wide name recognition!

Click Here to see the range of options currently available!

Expertise, Products of Supply of Labour

We understand that many individuals and businesses would love to help, but can’t contribute financially. The good news is that there is never a shortage of things to do around the place!

Some current examples include:

  • Repairing/replacing our leaky roof – it was raining inside the kitchen in the heavy downpour pre-Christmas.
  • A tree on our property fell through a neighbour’s fence and this needs repair/replacing.
  • The carpark needs to be re-levelled as the potholes are becoming the norm rather than the exception.
  • There are power points that need to be installed.
  • Printing, both small format and large format signage/signwritting
  • The exterior of the club needs a paint, we have the paint, but scaffolding, equipment and expertise would get the job done faster!
  • We also have big ambitions to expand downstairs to include some much-needed women’s and disabled toilet facilities and change rooms to support the growth of girls and women’s rugby at the club.

There is almost always something that needs specific skills, some more obscure than others, so if you are willing to donate your time please shout out and let’s talk about how we can best use this around the club and recognise you for it!

If nothing else, having a “friends of the club directory” that we can make our first call at times of need would be useful!

Contact Us to get your business added to our go-to list!

Donation of Prizes

The club put on it's first Kumeu Luncheon last year and it was a roaring success! This is in addition to the very successful and well-attended Senior and Junior Trivia Nights. With three big events on the cards this year we're looking for prizes big or small! Contact Us to become a friend of the club with your donation of product, vouchers or time!

Offering Employment

From time-to-time incoming members of our senior teams are in need of temporary or permanent employment. If you know of opportunities for fit, strong men then we will often have people that can fill them! Please contact us if you have any current opportunities or if you want to hear from us when we have willing workers available.

Any other ideas?

We're keen to explore new and innovative partnership ideas, please get in touch!